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Grievance policy

Health Literacy Media (HLM) will comply with all legal and ethical responsibilities to be non-discriminatory in promotional activities, program content and in the treatment of program participants. The monitoring and assessment of compliance with these standards will be the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in consultation with the Continuing Education Committee (CEC).  

Contact us at:


Telephone number: (314) 361-9400

Address: 5501 Delmar Boulevard, Suite A210, St. Louis, MO 63112-3054

While HLM goes to great lengths to assure fair treatment for all participants occasionally issues which require intervention and/or action on the part of the CEC and CEO. See below for policies and procedures on different categories of grievance from our partners or program participants. 

(1) If the grievance concerns a speaker, content presented by the speaker, or the style of presentation:  

The individual filing the grievance will be asked to put his/her/their comments in written format. The CEO and CEC will assess the grievance and determine what actions are required, then pass on the comments to the speaker, assuring the confidentiality of the grieved individual. 


(2) If the grievance concerns a workshop offering, its content, level of presentation, or the facilities in which the workshop was offered, the CEC will mediate and will be the final arbitrator. If added action is deemed appropriate and necessary CEO and CEC will do 1 of the following: 


  • Action 2a: Attempt to move the participant to another workshop

  • Action 2b: Provide a credit for a subsequent year's workshop; or 

  • Action 2c: Provide a partial or full refund of the summit fee


Actions 2(b) and 2(c) require a written note, documenting the grievance, for record-keeping purposes. The note need not be signed by the grieved individual.   


(3) If the grievance concerns Health Literacy Media’s accreditation program, in a specific regard, the CEC will attempt to arbitrate with accreditation sponsors. 

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