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Health & safety

As many of you are likely following, COVID-19 rates are again rising, and experts are monitoring many variants of concern.


For everyone’s safety, we’ve adjusted our plans for the larger regional summit. We’d planned to have up to 100 people in the Delmar DivINe conference center, with panels, workshop sessions, and our annual Doak Award. In consultation with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, we’ve pivoted to a series of 4 workshop sessions that will welcome up to 12 people/room. 


We will do everything we can to keep our participants (and staff) safe. Our planned protections include:

  • Using air purifiers appropriate for filtering the air in large spaces

  • Monitoring the air quality using a small, portable indoor air quality sensor throughout the workshops

  • Offering masks

  • Setting up workshop session seating to accommodate social distancing

  • Following other local health guidelines relevant at that time

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